stone work

Stone Patios

Enhance or expand your outside living space with a paver patio. Paver patios provide a finished space for seating and tables – which of course allows for entertaining and relaxing! Our patios can be installed dry laid on a crushed granite base or on a concrete base. Either way, the area is compacted, leveled and finished beautifully.

Patios can also be created with natural stone such as Tennessee flagstone, Sugar Hill flagstone or Pennsylvania blue stone. There are many options, basically it’s all about color and texture and what you prefer.

Stone Walkways

The Pennsyvania blue stone walk on the left is dry laid on a gravel base. The base is compacted and leveled, then the stone is set and leveled. The meandering layout, and dry laid installation give a more natural appearance.

The walk on the right is a crab orchard flag stone walk, laid on a concrete base. This walk has a more formal appearance, but with an organic feel.