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Contours Landscape Co. is a family run company, founded in July of 2000. We are fully insured and licensed.

When Michael Pavlovich originally founded the company, he focused on grading and residential landscape installations.
The business took off under his skillful direction and strong knowledge of landscape projects. Michael graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 1995, with a BS in Urban Forestry and an Associates Degree in Landscape Construction.

He gained field experience working for several large landscape companies out of College, running large landscape installations and grading/landscaping golf courses. He continues to apply his knowledge and field experience to every job, regardless of size and scope.

Calley Pavlovich joined the company to manage the office in July 2004. The partnership struck a great balance with each person managing their area of strength – Mike in the field and Calley at the computer, and our continues as such today.