walls & steps

Retaining Walls

Whether you need to secure a significant grade change, or just define space, retaining walls provide the solution. There are three basic options for retaining walls, block walls (can be veneered with stone or left plain), stack stone walls, and timber walls.

Landscape Steps

In the greater Atlanta area, homes built on a steep grade are very common. This does not mean you can’t enjoy your yard! We have many solutions to creating an enjoyable, useable outdoor space in any contour of property.

Timber steps

Timber steps, allow the use of your whole yard, with easy navigation. Timber steps have a natural appearance and are made of pressure treated wood, secured with rebar. The steps are set into the grade for a secure level finish.

Stone steps

Stone steps are another option for access to different areas of your property. Commonly referred to as “step treads” these stones are 18″deep, 6″ thick and can be either 3 or 4 feet wide. They come in grey or tan color. When we install step treads, we set them into the grade, level the stone and then carefullly align it with the next step stone. Landings can be integrated to create an easily walkable path.